CallisteCats Birman Kittens

There are presently NO CallisteCats Kittens For Sale :(

However, if you are interested in a Birman kitty click here to locate a breeder near you. You should also take a look at our published policy concerning deposits for kitten sales, and take a look at our contract. Note especially that we do not ship kittens or cats!

A NOTE ABOUT PRICE: When available, pet-quality CallisteCats kittens range from $750 and up depending upon quality, and each kitten is evaluated as an individual. Prestige Pet, Show and Breeder Quality kittens cost more - much more! Buyers residing within CO must add 2.9 to 3.7% tax.

Kitten Photos

We currently have no kitties available. Illustrated below are a Breeder quality and Pet quality kittens from our most recent litter. They are both blue point females, born on November 7, 2001 with CallisteCats Xolly their Mother and Absarrah Xenon of CallisteCats their Father. These photos were taken on February 2, 2002. PLEASE NOTE that these kittens have been sold and we have no kittens presently available. We trust you will enjoy looking at the pictures, and can appreciate what makes CallisteCats Birmans so unique!

kitten for sale This is the Breeder Quality girl at 3 months.
kitten for sale Another photo of the same kitten.
kitten for sale Another photo of the same kitten.
kitten for sale This is the pet quality girl.
kitten for sale Another photo of the pet quality girl.

Although no longer available, we thought you'd like to look at what more of the CallisteCats lines look like. Below is a 'Prestige Pet' quality kitten we named CallisteCats Yelena. Yelena's mother is CallisteCats Xoe and her father is Absarrah Xenon of CallisteCats. Yelena is now sold and her new family drove up from the Dallas area to pick her up the week after Christmas.

kitten for sale

This is CallisteCats Yelena at about 3 months. As you can see, she's quite a flirty little bluepoint girl! Yelena has unusually nice markings, an extremely dense and fluffy coat, and LOVES to play. She gets along very well with our other cats and is extremely affectionate - a real 'love bug'. Yelena sleeps with us every night and will likely be a bigger than usual lapcat.

kitten for sale This is Yelena at about 6 months.
kitten for sale Her coat is quite lush.
kitten for sale Yelena's face looks a lot like her Daddy's. Notice her Salvador Dalinian mustache!
kitten for sale Imagine waking up in the morning with this looking down at you!

Here are some photos of recent litters to let you know what our line looks like.

The first two photos are of a litter of four kitties (including Yelena) born 5-16-01 to CallisteCats Xoe and Absarrah Xenon of CallisteCats.

basket of kitties Three blues and a seal, aged about three weeks. Their eyes have only been open for about a week.
kitties in a row As you can see, at this young age it's difficult to see what their markings will be like.

The following photos are from a previous litter - they are no longer available, but we have left these pictures up for you to enjoy. Our CFA Champion Hecate (daughter of CFA Champion Phoebe) gave birth to four kittens on August 10, 2000. The sire is CFA Champion Proton, so these are nice big sealpoint kitties! At this stage they are little monsters - some call it playful. Well, call it what you will, but they are fun to watch.


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