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The CallisteCats FAQ
Advice from CallisteCats Birmans on photographing kittens and cats.
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The Genetics Of Birman Traditional Colors.
Our policy concerning kitten requests.
Our contract for pet kitten sales.

Is There A Birman In Your Life?

The CallisteCats Birman cattery exclusively breeds traditional color Birman cats - the blue and seal point, and we intend to breed chocolate and lilac points as well. The Birman is commonly mistaken for a 'long-haired Siamese', a Ragdoll, Snowshoe, or Burmese, however the Birman is a distinct breed of long-haired cat not to be confused with any other. A large color point cat with a full muzzle and white feet, the Birman is an extraordinarily affectionate and gentle 'people cat'. Typically, your Birman kitten will follow you everywhere, and even as an adult they will eat with you, sleep with you, play with you, and keep a watchful eye on you and your family. Birmans adapt readily to young children, visitors, and family pets. We have many times had a CallisteCat Birman successfully go home to a full-grown family dog, including even Rottweilers and Great Pyrenees! To know a Birman is to be loved by a Birman!

What Makes A Birman A CallisteCats Birman?

CallisteCats Birmans are registered in both the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA). All CallisteCats Birman kittens are therefore 'papered' purebred cats. The sires and dams of CallisteCats Birman kittens have all been awarded at least the rank of Champion (Ch). Our Supreme Grand Champion (SGC) and Regional Winner (RW) CallisteCats Pan was 1998's second-highest scoring TICA blue point Birman in the world!

The CallisteCats Birman cattery has been veterinarian inspected and is recognized as a CFA Cattery of Excellence, and a TICA Outstanding Cattery.

This site is different!

We make an effort to keep this site updated with current pictures of our cats and kittens. But, what makes our site truly unusual is that here you will find pictures of the inside and the outside of our cattery. If you have been looking at other breeder's web sites you will appreciate how unusual it is to actually find photographs of someone's cattery! We have a clean and efficient cattery, and we're proud to let you see it. The girls and one breeding boy (Pan) live in the house with us - we have given one of our bedrooms to Pan, and at least once a day we put the girls in our bedroom and allow Pan the run of the house. Proton lives in our outdoor cattery which has ample indoor space and a large, grassy outdoor run (it is necessary to keep 'whole' boys separated, else they will fight). In the winter, Proton's house is warm and cozy as it's well insulated and has thermostatically-controlled electric heat. The winter temperature in the cattery averages 60o F. Our summers are extremely mild (we're at 6,800 feet) and it rarely exceeds 80o F. The run extends from the north side of the cattery, so there's always lots of shade on the few hot days we have. Frankly, our cats have it pretty easy - most people would travel for days to vacation in a place like this!

We also have posted a CallisteCats FAQ that begins by telling you how much our kittens cost (WHOA!!), a sample copy of our SALES CONTRACT, and our general sales policy. How's that for different?

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