CallisteCats Kitten Care Sheet


Your kitten has been raised on Royal Canin Kitten Growth Formula Dry Food. We strongly recommend the Royal Canin foods as being the best - it's the only reasonably priced cat food that contains no 'meat by-products' at all. Clean, fresh water should always be available, and dry food should be provided three times a day. Acidophilus capsules (available at health food stores) helps establish 'friendly bacteria' in the gut, and NuVet Plus Vitamin Supplements will aid general health once the cat is mature. These both may be sprinkled daily on the wet and/or dry food.

Litter box

The World's Best Cat Litter is the ONLY litter we use, and we highly recommend it! Clumping litters in general are not recommended as they can cause fatal intestinal blockages, however World's Best Cat Litter clumps very nicely, is easy to use, and it's made from 100% food-grade corn so it's completely digestible. It's also very economical as each bag lasts an incredibly long time!


Grooming is very simple for Birmans. By keeping the claws clipped and providing a scratching post or 'condo', declawing (not a good idea) is completely unnecessary. Bathing every few months or so is helpful to keep the coat looking nice, and an occasional combing is good. Daily grooming will be enjoyed by your cat but is completely optional. Birmans are intrinsically 'low maintenance' cats with coats that rarely mat.

Discipline and hazard protection

Please be sure that hazards such as electrical cords, curtain pulls, sharp objects, etc. are kept out of your kitten's reach. If necessary, spray hazardous and forbidden items with 'Bitter Apple'. We have found that Bitter Apple is non-staining, non-toxic, and very effective for training. The occasional spot use of Bitter Apple on furniture, carpeting, and drapes makes declawing completely unnecessary. Your kitten has also been conditioned to associate vigorous blowing in its face as punishment. NEVER EVER HIT YOUR CAT as it may then forever be afraid of your hands! Special care should be taken when opening and closing doors (especially the refrigerator!) as your kitten is naturally curious and will follow you everywhere. Until your kitten is familiar with you and your home, please expect him to be where you least expect!

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