CallisteCats Birman Cattery Facilities!

Outside Shot of Cyclotron

We are quite proud of the physical facilities we have provided for our cats. All of our girls and our Supreme Grand show boy Pan live inside the house with us. Whole male Birmans are very territorial and will fight to the death (literally!) if not kept separated, so Proton lives in an insulated and heated outdoor cattery which we call the 'Cyclotron'. As you can see from the pictures, Proton enjoys his own exclusive quarters and nice grassy exercise yard. We wouldn't think of keeping cats locked up in little cages in a basement or garage. The building itself provides shade in the summer (not that it gets that hot up here at 6,800 ft), and the cyclotron has thermostatically controlled heat in the winter.

Inside Shot of Cyclotron

The inside of the cyclotron is finished with easy to clean 'bath board', and the floor is seamless high quality vinyl. Proton has half the available space - there's an open space for expansion, and each 'house' has its own carpeted condo, a covered litter box, and a wide and deep shelf that keeps food and water about 4 ft above the floor and litterbox. Not visible in the picture is a back-up space heater. It's a lot of work being a professional breeder, but as anyone who has visited our home and bought one (or two, or three - it happens!) of our kittens will tell you, it's worth it! We have very happy cats! Special accomodations must be made when keeping whole males and it is important for you as a prospective kitten buyer to be comfortable with the facilities of the breeder you deal with. If a breeder is unwilling to let you visit their cattery and inspect all of their facilities, then they may be hiding something! We invite you to come to CallisteCats and see for yourself!

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