These are the parents of the CallisteCats kitties


This is Ch. Fanceey Furs Phoebe Calliste (of CallisteCats). Although now retired, Phoebe was our foundation queen and we affectionately refer to her as 'the Mommie of them all'. Phoebe has splendid type and moderate size. Her kitties with Ch. Hisnhers Neutron of CallisteCats (now deceased) were absolutely exquisite (for example Pan, Vixen, and Hecate below). Without exception, Phoebe and Neutron gave us a show-quality kitty with every litter!


This is Ch. CallisteCats Hecate. Hecate is a fantastic mother - she and Proton consistently produce exceptionally nice seal point kitties (see Vesta, below).


Here is Ch. CallisteCats Vesta, daughter of Hecate and Proton. She's also a fantastic mother, and has done very well at shows both as a kitten and now as an adult. We fondly refer to Vesta as our 'Secret Weapon'.

Vixen This is Ch. CallisteCats Vixen, daughter of Phoebe and Neutron. About the same age as Vesta, Vixen has also done well in shows.
Xolly This is CallisteCats Xolly, a littermate of Xaria. A little larger in size and with slightly finer markings, Xolly (pronounced 'Zolly') will also be bred to Xenon.
Xoe This is Ch. CallisteCats Xoe (born 1-30-00), daughter of Hecate and Proton. Xoe (pronounced 'Zo-wee') is very active and her nickname is Xoe-Birdie. If you could see her leap through the air you'd know why! Xoe will also be bred to Xenon. Poor little guy...
Xenon Here is our stud, Absarrah Xenon of CallisteCats (born 6-18-00). The newest addition to the CallisteCats family, Xenon has a fabulously thick coat, deep blue eyes, a wonderful disposition, and lives in 'The Cyclotron' with Proton. We let Xenon into the house frequently to visit with the girls.
Proton Here is our stud, Ch. WynsomeBir Proton of CallisteCats. Proton has brought unusually dense coats and SIZE (he has incredible physical strength and build) to the CallisteCats lines. He's very patient and gentle with our girls, and lives in 'The Cyclotron'. Once a day he and Xenon get together and play. If you are a cat breeder, you know how unusual it is for two whole boys to play together!
pan This is Regional Winner and Supreme Grand Champion CallisteCats Pan. Pan finished the 1998-99 TICA show year as the third best, and the 1997-8 TICA show year as the second-best blue point Birman in the world! 'Nuff said!
pan And here's another photo of Pan.

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