An archive of special features which have appeared on the CallisteCats web site over the years.


This is Esperanza the Cheetah

Every fall Esperanza and her handler visit the TICA show in Albuquerque which is sponsored by the Enchanted Cat Club. Esperanza is a very special kitty - she's the first Cheetah born in captivity by artificial insemination with sperm collected in the wild! The Enchanted Cat Club is very special too, as every year they donate a large portion of the proceeds from their show to Esperanza's care. From their year 2000 show the purebred cat breeders of Albuquerque were able to donate nearly $5000 to Esperanza! No wonder she looks happy!

I love my Mommies!

Life for a CallisteCats kitten is pretty plush when you have two mommies. This is one of Vesta and Rob's kitties relaxing on her mother's side, with Great-Grandma Phoebe and three littermates in the background. Phoebe's breeding days are over, but she's a wonderful babysitter and still produces milk even though she's been spayed! These little kitties are now much bigger kitties, and all have homes.

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