Our pricing includes $10.00 OFF THE SHIPPING
of a 58 lb. 'Big Box' of WBCL!

Will Be Included With Every 58 lb. StuffWeUse Big Box!

The New and Improved World's Best Cat Litter® (WBCL) is fantastic!
With even less dust, reduced tracking, and firmer clumps
Professional cat breeders use and recommend WBCL
and StuffWeUse Mail Order will deliver it right to your door!


    The Worlds Best Cat Litter® Is Best For You And Your Cat:

  • Safe, chemical-free, all-natural, corn cat litter. Kitty litter made of corn? You bet! And it's not made from the cobs either - World's Best Cat Litter is made from food-grade corn kernels!
  • Naturally Clumping, septic-safe and truly flushable - without the hazards of clay-based clumping litters! World's Best Cat Litter is the only clumping kitty litter made from corn. The corn starch in World's Best forms solid clumps with urine. World's Best Cat Litter DOES NOT swell and turn into cement like the clumping clay cat litters!
  • WORKS PERFECTLY in automatic litter boxes!
  • Kitten-Safe and entirely vegetable, World's Best Cat Litter cannot cause intestinal blockage or silica dust respiratory illness!
  • Accepted by the pickiest cats.
  • Absorbs Odors Naturally, contains no perfumes!
  • Environmentally Friendly, can be composted.
  • Save Money - lasts up to 10 times longer than regular clay, and 4 times longer than clumping clay litters!
  • Use less litter, change less often!
Kudos:         Dear Michael,

I've been meaning to write back ever since I received your shipment. The
cats and I love World's Best. And thank you for the free goodies.

I applaud the good work you and your wife are doing by making this "stuff"
available. I'll let you know when I need to place another order!


Norma Eckroate
Co-author of 'The Natural Cat'

What is WBCL? How does it work?

Highly trained personnel in our Quality Control Department inspect the 'Three Large and One Small' bag contents of each StuffWeUse Gut Busting 'Big Box' of WBCL. Each shipment receives this careful attention!

World's Best Cat Litter is a natural food-based, edible product that happens to be a kitty litter. As such, it must be stored away from vermin. We're not suggesting that World's Best needs to be kept in your pantry, but you might consider a large, covered Rubbermaid laundry basket-sized storage container!

THE WORLD'S BEST CAT LITTER® will either be the cheapest or the most expensive kitty litter you've ever tried. It depends upon how you use it. WBCL is made entirely of corn and forms firm clumps held together by corn starch. It absorbs odors naturally, and lasts a very long time. AFTER SCOOPING, THE REMAINING LITTER MAY BE REUSED so you only throw away about two handfuls of litter each week per cat!
For most economical use:
1) Scoop the box daily and top-off as necessary to keep the pan about 2" deep.
2) To completely change the box, prep a second box, pour the remaining scooped litter into the fresh box, and top-off. After scooping, the remaining litter can still be used!
3) Throw all the litter away every month or two and start over with completely fresh litter.
For most expensive use:
1) Scoop the box daily.
2) Throw all the litter away every week.

Once I discovered and tried out World's Best Cat Litter I decided
it really was the best thing going for several reasons:
No silica dust, very little dust in general, no scraping goop
off the bottom of the pan like with the wheat stuff, good odor control,
and perhaps most important, the cats approve. Unfortunately, it's also
the World's Most Expensive Cat Litter, and I can find it locally only at
a couple of small pet shops at a price that's just ridiculous. So I did
an internet search, compared prices (including shipping)
from the sites I found selling it, and yours offered the best total price.
Looks like I'll be a regular customer. Thanks!

Jean W.
Renton, WA

    StuffWeUse.com discounts the World's Best Cat Litter® and keeps shipping costs very low!
    Enjoy the convenience of:

  • DELIVERY RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR! Store-bought cat litter is heavy, filthy stuff - it's essentially dirt and turns into mud with use. It's a hassle to buy, the dust can make a mess in your car, and it's a pain in the back to lift in and out of your car and then haul into the house. Week after week, year after year, you've hauled hundreds and hundreds of pounds of cat litter into your house, then hauled the even heavier dirty litter out to the trash - it's time for a change!

    • WBCL is very light-weight
    • StuffWeUse can deliver it to your door, right when you need it
    • WBCL is a lot cheaper to use because it lasts so much longer than other cat litters

    The litter costs for our cattery were cut in half when we started using WBCL - We were using one big 20 lb. bag of clay litter every couple of days (we had 10 cats and 5 litter boxes), but now use just one and a half 17 lb. bags of WBCL PER MONTH! With savings like these WBCL was an immediate hit here at CallisteCats Birmans - it really is The StuffWeUse!

  • LOW SHIPPING COST! Our pricing now includes $10 OFF THE SHIPPING of a 58 lb 'Big Box' of WBCL! The more we ship, the lower our cost per pound. We can absorb much of the cost of shipping by selling our 58 lb 'Big Box' of WBCL containing three (3) 17 lb bags plus one (1) 7 lb bag. Click here to find the total price for a 58 lb Big Box of WBCL shipped to your home. StuffWeUse ships via UPS Ground Service whenever possible (all orders to HI and AK are Parcel Post) - With UPS your shipment is insured for its full replacement value, and we will email your tracking number once it is shipped. You will know exactly where your package is, and when it will be delivered! We're proud to use recycled materials in our packaging too!
  • LOW PRICE! The retail price for WBCL is as high as $25 per large bag and $15 per small bag, but we charge only $20 and $10! Thanks to cat folks like you who surf the Internet and have discovered that StuffWeUse has the lowest prices on the best stuff, our business has grown and our policy is to pass our savings along to you. We discount the shipping too! StuffWeUse does not operate a retail store, so our overhead is low. The demand for WBCL is huge and yet it's completely unavailable in most cities, however WBCL is now available nation-wide directly from StuffWeUse.com!
  • BUY ON-LINE! CLICK HERE to order WBCL from StuffWeUse. We use PayPal's Online Payment Service for safe and confidential online purchases. By processing nearly one-quarter of all online credit card transactions PayPal has set the standard for risk-free and confidential web transactions. We will pack and ship your order, typically within 24 hours! PayPal uses 'secure site' technology that completely eliminates any risk of credit card information being stolen during transmission - in fact, only your email and shipping address is sent to StuffWeUse, so even we don't know your credit card number! Purchasing online has never been safer or easier. Of course, you may also mail us a check or money order and we will fill your order - click here for details. If you have any questions don't hesitate to email us at .
  • LOWER TAXES! You pay no sales tax when we ship out of CO (the tax on purchases in Larimer County Colorado is only 3.7% and elsewhere in Colorado is just 2.9%). The convenience of home delivery, discounted pricing, and tax savings are all yours - click here to see how easy StuffWeUse makes it for you to buy The World's Best Cat Litter!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! Try a bag of WBCL and if you or your cats are dissatisfied with The World's Best Cat Litter® for any reason, simply return the unused litter with a copy of your purchase receipt (you may keep the original receipt) for a refund on that product (complete details here). Sorry, but we cannot refund any postage. We are a small family-owned and operated business and our customer care policy is extremely simple:
If you are having trouble with PayPal or would rather talk to a human (We're named Sue and Mike!) then PLEASE call us toll-free at (800) 496-8428 or email and we'll ship you the StuffWeUse ASAP!

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