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This stuff is for sale!

If you find something you'd like, or if you have any questions, email or call Sue at (800) 496-8428 or (970) 669-8429 in the FC/Loveland CO area.


Actual shipping charges will be added to the purchase prices. Because we do so much business with UPS, you will get their lowest 'daily pick-up' rate! For exact prices, please email me and let me know your Zip Code.

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We have one pair of brand new stainless steel claw clippers. These are extremely nice, and is priced at $4.00.
We have one set of six brand new cat-shaped button covers. These easily clip onto your blouse buttons for an extra special catty look at shows! These are priced at $1.00/set.
Fine condition hardback with dust jacket, unmarked. The 1989 edition of this Cornell University classic. 435 pp. ISBN 0-394-56787-0 $7.00
This is a paperback in very good condition. The pages are very clean and unmarked but the front cover has a crease (visible in photo) from near the center and extending diagonally to the right edge. This long out of print classic is highly regarded by many breeders of cats and dogs for nutritional information, especially for those wanting to compound their own cooked or raw food pet diets. 186 pp. ISBN 0-9632394-0-6 $10.00
This is a hardback in near-new condition, unmarked pages, and minor shelf scuffing to the boards. Profusely illustrated with glossy color images. A very nice book, autographed by the author as illustrated in the photo below. 158 pp. ISBN 0-87605-476-9 $6.50
Anna Sadler is a highly respected CFA member and exhibitor, and this volume was dedicated to the late CFA judge Debbie Ritter.
This is a hardback in extremely fine condition. No marks on pages, bottom of pages are 'remainder marked' with a black marker, minor shelf scuffing to the boards. If you have no other book on breeding cats, this is the book for you! It is truly a classic, which is now unfortunately out of print. This book is available used from Amazon for up to $100! 274 pp. ISBN 0-87605-698-2 Priced at $30.00.
This is the classic, and long out of print 'bible' of cat genetics. It is hardbound and in NEAR-NEW condition, with minor shelf scuffing to the boards. This book is VERY RARE, especially in this condition. 234 pp. ISBN 0-7506-3540-1 $25.00
These are a pair of near-new Riedell women's ice skates with blade guards. They are priced at $40.00
They are size 7.
We have a very nice queen size, 'Danish Design' futon sofabed for $175, which includes delivery in the Loveland/FC area ($155 if you take it away yourself - we're in the mountains, 12.5 miles west of Loveland). It makes a very comfortable sofa. We have always kept it covered with a bed-sheet as a washable cover, but it is shown in these recent photos with only its 'natural' unbleached (removable and also washable!) zip-on cover on, which is what is offered. We bought it about 25 years ago from a very posh boutique futon maker on Pearl Street (in the days before they dug up the street, planted trees and made the mall!) in the Peoples' Republik of Boulder. It's seen very little use and is in almost like-new condition. Own a little bit of Boulder's Hippy History!
Grab the bottom and pull, and it spreads out into a very comfy queen sized bed.
The under-frame is sturdy but springy hardwood, and is in extremely good shape. You will be impressed!